Epson WF C869RA,C869RE Service Repair Manuals Page 451-500

EPSON WF-C869Ra/WF-C869R Revision E Repair Work Repair Work 455 Confidential Open Sensor (CL) The length of the two hooks on mechanical contact sensor differs. See the following and make sure to release the shorter hook first when removing the mechanical contact sensor. 1. Disengage the hook by pushing up the Open Sensor. 2. Remove the cable from the connector of the Open Sensor (CL). A10 C10 B10 D10 Open Sensor (CL) Connector Cable Hook (long) Hook (short) Mechanical Contact Sensor Ink Supply CL Assy 1. Rotate the connection point by 90 degrees in a counterclockwise, and remove the ink tube (Y/M/C) from the relay unit. 2. Remove the Sensor Cable from one hook. 3. Disconnect the FFCs from the connector of th CL CRCM Board. 4. Remove the five screws (S1: ), then pull the Ink Supply CL Assy upward to remove it. The screw to be removed is indicated by an arrow mark. A11 C11 B11 D11 Hook Sensor Cable Ink Supply CL Assy FFC CN1 CL CRCM Board Arrow Relay Unit Ink Tube No. S1 Screw Type C.B.S-TITE-SCREW-3x8-F.ZN-3C
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Epson WF C869RA Service Repair Manual Page 451-500
Epson WF C869RE Service Repair Manual Page 451-500

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