Epson WF C869RA,C869RE Service Repair Manuals Page 451-500

EPSON WF-C869Ra/WF-C869R Revision E Repair Work Repair Work 451 Confidential Ink Holder Cover 1. Remove the two screws (S1: ), then remove the Ink Holder Cover. A3 C3 B3 D3 Ink Holder Cover No. S1 Screw Type C.B.S-TITE-SCREW-3x8-F.ZN-3C Cover Open Sensor (BK) 1. Remove one screw (S9: ). 2. Disengage the hook, then remove the Cover Open Sensor (BK). A4 C4 B4 D4 Cover Open Sensor (BK) Hook No. S9 Screw Type C.B.P-TITE-SCREW-3x10-F.ZN-3C (Black)
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Epson WF C869RA Service Repair Manual Page 451-500
Epson WF C869RE Service Repair Manual Page 451-500

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