Epson WF C869RA,C869RE Service Repair Manuals Page 151-200

EPSON WF-C869Ra/WF-C869R Revision E Troubleshooting Error Display and Solution 155 Confidential Troubleshooting Step Check and Measure YES No 1 Check the nozzle check pattern Print nozzle check patterns and check whether there are nozzles missing or deflection. Nozzle condition is excellent? Nozzle check pattern print method is belows. Normal menu (User Menu) • [Setting] [Maintenance] [Print Head Nozzle Check] Service Support Mode • B32 Nozzle Check Pattern ( p. 261 ) Check the Maintenance Unit Check the following point about the Maintenance Unit (Execute “CR Unlock Power Off2” from the Service Support mode( p. 83 ) in advance to release the CR lock before checking the Maintenance Unit. Maintenance Unit is correct condition? End (No reproduction) Nozzles missing in several places • Nozzles missing rank • Obtain the information of cleaning 1 to 5 from the service status sheet ( p. 785 ) and execute head cleaning according to the nozzle missing state check matrix table. If nozzle missing is not improved, go to step 3. 2 1. Check the cap parts • Check that the cap surfaces are not dirty. • Hold the CR belt with a hand and move the CR to the home position and visually check that the nozzle surfaces are capped properly. 2. Check the wiper parts • Check that there is not soiling or damage to the wiper parts • With the cap sliders drawn to the right side, rotate the PF gears by hand and check that the wipers move up and down Check the ink tubes Visually check that air bubbles have not collected in the ink tubes. (If there are parts where the color is unmistakably pale in the supply system ink tubes, air bubbles may have collected.) Ink tube is correct condition? Replace the print head If the symptom is not resolved even after performing the steps above, replace the print head. Go to step 4 When cap/wiper is dirty • Cleaning the cap surface / wiper part When capping failure of the nozzle surface is confirmed • Replace the Maintenance Unit.( p. 559 ) When the wiper part breakage / wiper operation failure is confirmed • Replace th Maintenance Unit.( p. 559 ) If nozzle missing is not improved after performing the above, go to Step 4. 3 Go to step 5 Execute strong head cleaning and then check that the bubbles have been removed from inside the tubes If nozzle missing is not improved after performing the above, go to Step 4. 4 Replace the print head.( p. 616 )
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Epson WF C869RA Service Repair Manual Page 151-200
Epson WF C869RE Service Repair Manual Page 151-200

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