Epson WF C869RA, C869RE Service Repair Manuals Page 51-100

EPSON WF-C869Ra/WF-C869R Revision E Configuration OPERATING PRINCIPLES 51 Confidential Paper Loading/Feed Path Feeding From The Front Cassette The drive force of the Lift-up Motor is transmitted to the Lift-up shaft, and the Lift-up shaft raises the Cassette Hopper. The paper set in the Cassette Assy is also raised together by the Cassette Hopper and comes in contact with the Pick- up Roller. The ASF Motor drives the Pick-up Roller and feeds the paper to the Separation Roller. The paper (the top sheet) fed to the Separation Roller is separated by the Separation Roller and Retard Roller from the second sheet and passes the paper detection point of the Rear PE Sensor, and to the Intermediate Roller. The paper fed to the first Intermediate Roller is fed by the two Intermediate Rollers up to the paper detection position of the PE Sensor. When the PE Sensor detects the paper, skew correction 1 is carried out according to printing conditions. After skew correction, the paper is fed by the PF Roller up to the print start position and printing starts. After printing is complete, the paper is ejected by the PF Roller and EJ Roller. Rear Feed The rear loading mechanism 2 starts operating by the printing command from the print driver and the ASF Motor rotates the LD Roller. The paper set on the Hopper is fed by the LD Roller to the Intermediate Roller. The paper fed to the Intermediate Roller is fed up to the paper detection position of the PE Sensor and printing is made in the same way as feeding from the Front Cassette. Figure 3-33. Paper loading/feed path (1) 1. See Paper Feed Mechanism (p. 58) for the details. 2. See Rear Feeding Mechanism (p. 56) for the details. Print Head Front cassette feeding path Rear feeding path PE Sensor LD Roller Separation Roller Intermediate Roller Retard Roller Pick-up Roller PF Roller EJ Roller Feed Sensor Duplex Print Assy Paper Detection Sensor
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Epson WF-C869RA Service Repair Manual Page 51-100
Epson WF-C869RE Service Repair Manual Page 51-100

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