EPSON WF-C579R, WF-C579RA, WF-C529R Service Manual Page 61-90

EPSON WF-C579R/WF-C579Ra/WF-C529R Revision A Structure Operating principles 61 Confidential Operating principles OVERVIEW The inksystem mechanism of this product employs the direct acting type 1 and consists of the carriage lock mechanism, wiper mechanism, capping mechanism, pump mechanism, and venting valve (valve mechanism). All the mechanisms are driven by the pump motor. The drive force of the pump motor is transmitted to each mechanism via transmission parts, such as the pump-drive compound gear, clutch gear, intermittent gear, cam, and drive lever. Additionally, this product utilize a maintenance box (waste ink pad) that retains waste ink from the cap, with which users can replace ink themselves. Figure 3 - 40. Inksystem Mechanism (Simplified Model) Figure 3 - 41. Inksystem Mechanism DRIVE PATH The ink system mechanism is driven by the Pump Motor. The relationship between the Pump Motor rotational direction and operation of each part is as follows. *: Rotational direction seen from output shaft. 1. There are two types of the capping: direct acting type and sliding type. In the direct acting type, the cap moves up and down independently of the carriage and caps the printhead. In the sliding type, the printhead is capped (the cap is moved up) when the carriage pushes the cap slider. Cap mechanism Maintenance Box (waste ink pad) Pump mechanism Valve mechanism Wiper mechanism Carriage lock mechanism Printhead Table 3 - 22. Pump motor rotational direction and operation of the inksystem Mechanism Rotational direction of the Pump Motor * CW CCW Wiper Wiping position Passing Cap Drop Rise (capping) Pump Release Suction CR Lock Drop (CR Lock release) Rise (CR Lock set) Venting Valve Open Close Cap Wiper Carriage lock lever Pump unit Venting valve Pump-drive compound gear Pump motor Pump encoder sensor
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EPSON WF-C579R Service Manual Page 61-90
EPSON WF-C579RA Service Manual Page 61-90
EPSON WF-C529R Service Manual Page 61-90

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