EPSON WF-C579R, WF-C579RA, WF-C529R Service Manual Page 331-360

EPSON WF-C579R/WF-C579Ra/WF-C529R Revision A Repair work Adjustment and Inspection Work 331 Confidential C20 STATUS SHEET PRINT Overview Print the Status Sheet. Refer to “ 9.3 Status Sheet Information (p. 703)" for details. Paper and feed tray Paper size: A4, Letter Paper feed tray: Paper cassette (C1) to paper cassette (C3), Rear ASF Procedure 1. Start the service support mode. (Refer to “ 5.2 Service mode startup (p. 107)" ) 2. Select “ C20 Status Sheet Print ” refer to “ How to select items from the maintenance menu (p. 328)" . 3. Load paper into the paper feed tray. 4. Confirm the current setting and print the adjustment pattern. When changing the print setting, select and change the item following the instruction on the screen. Figure 7 - 85. C20 Status Sheet Print Screen C20 Status Sheet Print Current Setting Feed Tray: Cassette1 Paper Size: A4 Duplex print: OFF Select Item: [2][8] Change Value: [4][6] Print: [#] Button Print Cancel: [*] Button
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EPSON WF-C579R Service Manual Page 331-360
EPSON WF-C579RA Service Manual Page 331-360
EPSON WF-C529R Service Manual Page 331-360

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