EPSON WF-C579R, WF-C579RA, WF-C529R Service Manual Page 301-330

EPSON WF-C579R/WF-C579Ra/WF-C529R Revision A Repair work Adjustment and Inspection Work 301 Confidential MOTOR DISPERSION CORRECT Overview Measure product variations to set the appropriate correction values. Also, make a pass/fail judgment by calculating whether or not the operation load is within the expected range from the motor current value. Target adjustments B40 CR Motor Correct B41 PF Motor Correct B42 ASF Motor Correct C1 B66 ASF/LIFT Motor Correct C2 B67 ASF/LIFT Motor Correct C3 B69 IS Motor Correct Work Procedure 1. Start the service support mode. (Refer to “ 5.2 Service mode startup (p. 107)" ) 2. Select “ Mech Adjust:MENU ” refer to “ How to select an Adjustment item (p. 292)" . 3. On the displayed screen, select the item of the Motor dispersion correct menu corresponding to the replaced part, and execute it. 4. The results are displayed after correction ends. If there is any NG item, check the corresponding motor connection. If there is a problem, replace it with a new one. Figure 7 - 36. B40 CR Motor Correct OK Screen ASF Motor Correct and ASF/LIFT Motor Correct need to be performed in the state with the paper cassette pulled out, so pull out the paper cassette before performing correction. B40 CR Motor Correct CR Measure: OK Cycle: OK APG Offset: OK Push[#]Button
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EPSON WF-C579R Service Manual Page 301-330
EPSON WF-C579RA Service Manual Page 301-330
EPSON WF-C529R Service Manual Page 301-330

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