EPSON WF-C579R, WF-C579RA, WF-C529R Service Manual Page 241-270

EPSON WF-C579R/WF-C579Ra/WF-C529R Revision A Troubleshooting Fax Troubleshooting 241 Confidential 6.5.4 FAX Service Parameter To support by country or trouble, this product is equipped with the service parameters in addition to user mode parameters. Start the “FAX Maintenance Mode” from the special mode to change settings with the service parameters. Outline of setting change in FAX Maintenance Mode The following shows the procedure for settings change in FAX Maintenance Mode. 1. Enter “FAX Parameter Mode”. 2. Start “FAX Parameter Settings”. 3. Select the item to be changed, then input the value. 4. Press the [Power] button to turn off the power. Make sure not to change the parameter before identifying the phenomenon and cause of the trouble. Make sure to identify the phenomenon and cause of the trouble before changing the parameter. Otherwise, the essential trouble may be hidden that result in recurrence the trouble or cause of another problem. According to the explanation in Basics of FAX troubleshooting (p.281), perform in the following procedure. Step1: Check the symptom Step2: Identify the cause Step3: Correction When the identification of the cause is difficult, check the symptom as accurately as possible to acquire setting information of the product, then inquire at support center. Initialize the FAX Service Parameter Setting When you want to initialize the FAX Service parameter only, [FAX Parameter Mode] → Select [FAX All Data Initial].
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EPSON WF-C579R Service Manual Page 241-270
EPSON WF-C579RA Service Manual Page 241-270
EPSON WF-C529R Service Manual Page 241-270

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