Epson WF-7820, WF-7830, WF-7840, EC-C7000 Series Service Manual Page 81-100

EPSON WF-7820 Series, WF-7830 Series, WF-7840 Series/EC-C7000 Revision A Troubleshooting Service Support Mode 81 Confidential 2. Operate the Touch Panel, and enter the ID. ID to enter: 98308 Operating procedure 1. Tap the Touch Panel Right [RIGHT] until the value you wish to input is displayed. 2. Tap the Touch Panel Left [LEFT] to check the value. The value will change to “*”, and await entry of the next digit. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to enter the 5 digit ID. 4. When entry is completed, tap the Touch Panel Center [CENTER] to confirm. Figure 2-6. Service support mode operation method 3. Hereafter, use the Touch Panel Right [RIGHT] to select the menu, and execute with the Touch Panel Center [CENTER]. UP:[Right] SHIFT:[Left]/FIN:[Center] *****_ Touch Panel Right [RIGHT] Touch Panel Left [LEFT] Touch Panel Center [CENTER] It is not possible to return to the previous digit after shifting digits. If you wish to correct the number of the previous digit, proceed with the steps until after the last step and then perform input again. Please note that the execute button is not enabled until at least two digits have been entered. Solution if enter and execute the wrong ID When a different mode starts: If you enter the wrong ID and a different mode starts, there is the possibility of changing important settings of the unit, so press the power button to turn off the power immediately and then perform the process again to enter the correct ID number. When non-existent ID number: The following panel LCD display appears and the power is turned off automatically. Input ID is not found!! Please wait Poweroff...
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Epson WF-7820 Series Service Manual Page 81-100
Epson WF-7830 Series Service Manual Page 81-100
Epson WF-7840 Series Service Manual Page 81-100
Epson EC-C7000 Series Service Manual Page 81-100

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