EPSON WF-6090,WF-6530, WF-6590 Series Service Manual Page 241-264

Confidential Details of Adjustments 252 EPSON WF-6590/WF-6530/WF-6090 Series Revision C 4. Turn the printer off. 5. Release the CR lock. (P.59) 6. Move the CR Unit to the hole position for access the screws. 7. Loosen the four screws 90-deg. 8. Move the adjustment dial in accordance with forecast value of the Step 3 . Figure 3-27. Head Angular Mecha Adjustment (3) 9. Tighten the four screws, and move the CR Unit to the home position. 10. Turn on the printer. (Start the WF-6590/WF-6530 series in the Maintenance SP Mode (P.249) .) 11. Print the Head angular mecha adjustment pattern from adjustment program. 12. Confirm the line space of the “Scan sheet” in adjustment pattern. „ „ The line space is equal : finish the Head angular mecha adjustment. Line space has gap : Confirm the gap direction of the line. Go to Step 13 . 13. Perform Step 4 to Step 7 , and move the adjustment dial 1step in accordance with gap direction of the Step 12 . 14. Tighten the screws, and repeat the Step 10 to Step 14 until the line space becomes equal. +5 +5 -5 0 Print Head Screw Head Angular Adjustment Dial - direction + direction Screw Screws „ In this printer, the cap of the Cap Unit follows the inclination of the Print Head. However, if hardened ink is accumulated on the cap, capping may not be done properly and printing failure may result. After the adjustment is complete, make sure to perform the operation check of the cap following the procedure below. 1. Push the Cap to rear side, and confirm to return to original position. 2. Push the rear of the cap to the home position, and confirm the return to original position. Figure 3-28. Operation check of the Cap Unit (2) Cap Step 1 Step 2
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Epson WF-6090 Series Service Manual Page 241-264
Epson WF-6530 Series Service Manual Page 241-264
Epson WF-6590 Series Service Manual Page 241-264

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