EPSON WF-6090,WF-6530, WF-6590 Series Service Manual Page 241-264

Confidential Maintenance Overview 263 EPSON WF-6590/WF-6530/WF-6090 Series Revision C 4.1 Overview This section provides information to maintain the printer in its optimum condition. 4.1.1 Cleaning Except for the printhead, there are no other mechanical parts or units that require periodic cleaning. However, if need arises, clean the component observing the following instructions. † Instructions for cleaning „ Exterior parts such as housing Wipe dirt off with a soft clean cloth moistened with water. For glossy or transparent parts, use of unwoven cloth is recommended to avoid scratching those parts. „ Inside of the printer Remove paper dust with a vacuum cleaner. „ Rubber or plastic rollers such as an LD roller/Pickup Roller used to feed paper If paper dust adhered to the rollers decreases the frictional force of the rollers and the rollers cannot properly feed paper, wipe off the paper dust with a soft cloth moistened with water. † Instructions for cleaning ink stains Wipe the stains off with a cloth wrung out of diluted alcohol. 4.1.2 Lubrication The type and amount of the grease used to lubricate the printer parts are determined based on the results of the internal evaluations. Therefore, refer to "4.2 Lubrication Points and Instructions (p264)" for the repairing procedures below, and apply the specified type and amount of the grease to the specified part of the printer mechanism. † Grease † Tools Note "*": Use tools whose specifications are specified in "4.2 Lubrication Points and Instructions (p264)" . „ Do not use alcohol for cleaning the transparent parts. Doing so may cause them to get cloudy. „ When wiping paper dust off the LD roller/Pickup Roller, be careful not to rub against the surface asperity. „ To minimize the effect on the parts, use diluted alcohol such as 70% diluted ether. „ After using alcohol for cleaning, make sure to wipe the part off with a soft dry dust-free cloth to remove alcohol traces fully. Type Name EPSON Part Code Supplier Grease G-96 1590700 EPSON Grease G-97 1635441 EPSON Name Availability EPSON Part Code Injector O* --- Brush O* ---
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Epson WF-6090 Series Service Manual Page 241-264
Epson WF-6530 Series Service Manual Page 241-264
Epson WF-6590 Series Service Manual Page 241-264

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