EPSON WF-6090,WF-6530, WF-6590 Series Service Manual Page 241-264

Confidential Details of Adjustments 254 EPSON WF-6590/WF-6530/WF-6090 Series Revision C 2. Procedure of the SMAP runout adjustment † Adjustment Flowchart This Flowchart is used to decide the adjustment value of the SMAP runout. Perform the SMAP runout adjustment following the procedure of this flowchart. Figure 3-31. Adjustment Flowchart (Decide the adjustment value) † Detail of the SAMP runout adjustment procedure. 1). Print Adjustment pattern 1)-1. Select the SMAP runout adjustment form menu of the Adjustment program. 1)-2. Check the check box of the “Adjustment pattern”. 1)-3. Push the “Print” button, and print the adjustment pattern. (Keep the adjustment pattern) Figure 3-32. SMAP runout adjustment_Print Adjustment pattern OK pattern is existed in the five confirmation pattern? " 1) Print Adjustment pattern (p254)" " 2) Select Block Number (p255)" Start " 3) Input the block number & print the confirmation pattern. (p256)" " 4) Judgment the confirmation pat- tern (p257)" " 5) Decide the Factor. (p258)" " 6) Input the SMAP runout adjust- ment parameter. (p258)" Finish Yes No
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Epson WF-6090 Series Service Manual Page 241-264
Epson WF-6530 Series Service Manual Page 241-264
Epson WF-6590 Series Service Manual Page 241-264

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