EPSON WF-4830, WF-4820 Series Service Manual Page 141-160

EPSON WF-4830 Series/WF-4820 Series Revision A Adjustment Required Adjustments 148 Confidential 4.1 Required Adjustments The table from the following page lists the required adjustments depending upon the parts being repaired or replaced. Find the part(s) you removed or replaced, and check which adjustment(s) must be carried out. After all required adjustments are complete, use the “Final check pattern print” function to print all adjustment patterns for final check. If you find a problem with the printout patterns, carry out the adjustment again. When replacing the Main Board and the Printer Mechanism at the same time, the adjustment should be made after performing the initial setting. Meaning of the marks used in the tables on the next pages are as follows. : Required only when replacing : Required when removing and/or replacing • - : No adjustment is required If there are multiple adjustment items for a replaced part, be sure to carry them out in the priority order indicated in the table.
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Epson WF-4830 Series Service Manual Page 141-160
Epson WF-4820 Series Service Manual Page 141-160

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