EPSON WF-4830, WF-4820 Series Service Manual Page 141-160

EPSON WF-4830 Series/WF-4820 Series Revision A Adjustment Adjustment Program 159 Confidential Paper Skew adjustment Paper and feed tray Paper size: Paper type: Paper feed tray: Adjustment pattern A4 Plain paper Paper Cassette 1st Judgment From among the printed patterns, select the pattern where the above and below lines are the straightest. Adjustment procedure 1. Start the Adjustment Program. 2. Select “Paper Skew adjustment”. 3. The Paper Skew adjustment menu appears. 4. Load paper into the paper feed tray. 5. Press the [Print] button to print the adjustment pattern. 6. Check the adjustment pattern. 7. Check the adjustment pattern and determine the adjustment value based on the judgment procedure. 8. Enter the adjustment value. 9. Check that an adjustment value is entered and then press the [Finish] button to end adjustment.
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Epson WF-4830 Series Service Manual Page 141-160
Epson WF-4820 Series Service Manual Page 141-160

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