EPSON WF-4830, WF-4820 Series Service Manual Page 141-160

EPSON WF-4830 Series/WF-4820 Series Revision A Adjustment Adjustment Program 151 Confidential 4.2 Adjustment Program This section provides the operating environment, functions related to safety and privacy policy, and the adjustment item newly added of the Adjustment Program. See " 4.1 Required Adjustments (p148)" for the adjustments not explained here. 4.2.1 Operating Environment The operating environment for the Adjustment Program is as follows. OS:Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 Interface:USB 4.2.2 Adjustment and Inspection List Mechanical adjustments and inspections Software adjustments and inspections Adjustment name Purpose Adjustment procedure overview Tools Reference Check Checking the Platen Gap Set the clearance of the gap between the nozzle surface of the print head and the platen to an appropriate amount. Place a thickness gauge in the specified location and then move the carriage unit over the thickness gauge and check the clearance. • Thickness gauge. • Teflon tape P.163 Adjustment Item Purpose Adjustment / inspection paper / feed tray Adjustment procedure overview Tools Reference Category Name Initial settings EEPROM Data Copy When the main board needs to be replaced, use this to copy adjustment values stored on the old main board to the new board. If this copy is completed successfully, all the other adjustments required after replacing the main board are no longer be necessary --- With the old Board installed, use the adjustment program to read out the EEPROM data, and after exchanging with the new Board, load the read out data. • Adjustment Program --- Initial Setting This must be carried out after replacing the main board to apply settings for the target market, etc. Perform MAC address Setting if necessary. --- Enter the product serial number of the printer using the adjustment program, and write the initial setting information onto the Main Board. • Adjustment Program --- Head ID Input Input the ID incorporating the correction values for print head production variations. --- Select "Head ID Input" from the Adjustment Program and execute the item. (Auto input) After the ID is input, check that the correct print head ID has been written in the same menu. • Adjustment Program ---
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Epson WF-4830 Series Service Manual Page 141-160
Epson WF-4820 Series Service Manual Page 141-160

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