Epson P5000,4900,4910 service manual Page 401-450

SC-P5000 Series/Epson Stylus Pro 4900/4910 Revision G ADJUSTMENT Ink Supply Related Checks and Adjustments 401 SE Group Confidential (Related Staff Only) CSIC Check EXECUTION MODE Serviceman Mode PROCEDURE 1. Turn the printer ON in the Serviceman Mode. Turn the power ON while pressing [Menu ] + [Paper Feed ] + [OK] . 2. Start the Service Program and select ILS & CSIC Check . 3. Select CSIC Check on the ILS & CSIC Check screen. 4. Click [Run] . The result will be displayed on the screen. The result is OK: Go to Step 6 The result is NG: The NG part is displayed. Go to Step 5 5. Replace the ink cartridge or maintenance box with NG display. Return to Step 4 . If the trouble is not solved, replace the cartridge holder (P. 272) or maintenance box (P. 152) . 6. Click [Finish] . 7. Turn the printer OFF and finish the adjustment. Perform this check only when the trouble of recognizing ink amount occurs. When executing this adjustment after replacing the ink holder, make sure to execute it before charging ink with the ink cartridge installed.
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Epson SC-P5000 Series Service Repair Manual Page 401-450
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4900 Service Repair Manual Page 401-450
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4910 Service Repair Manual Page 401-450

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