Epson P5000,4900,4910 service manual Page 201-250

SC-P5000 Series/Epson Stylus Pro 4900/4910 Revision G DISASSEMBLY & ASSEMBLY Disassembly and Assembly Procedure 201 SE Group Confidential (Related Staff Only) 11. Take out the Ink Mark Sensor from the CR Unit, and disconnect the FFC from the Ink Mark Sensor. Figure 3-87. Removing the Ink Mark Sensor Be sure to refer to Chapter 4 “Adjustment” (see p312) and perform specified adjustments after replacing or removing the Ink Mark Sensor. <Adjustment items> 1. FFC Position Check 2. CR Belt Adjustment 3. PG Height Check & Adjustment 4. Nozzle Check 5. CR & PF Direction Head Slant Adjustment 6. CR Encoder and Scale Check 7. Active Damper Adjustment 8. Ink Mark Sensor Check & Adjustment 9. PW + T&B&S Check & Adjustment 10. Auto Bi-D Adjustment FFC Ink Mark Sensor CR Unit
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Epson SC-P5000 Series Service Repair Manual Page 201-250
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4900 Service Repair Manual Page 201-250
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4910 Service Repair Manual Page 201-250

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