Epson P5000,4900,4910 service manual Page 151-200

SC-P5000 Series/Epson Stylus Pro 4900/4910 Revision G DISASSEMBLY & ASSEMBLY Disassembly and Assembly Procedure 151 SE Group Confidential (Related Staff Only) Cutter Replacement 1. Remove the Front Cover. (p168) 2. Open the Cutter Cover. 3. Loosen the screw that secures the cutter, and remove the cutter. A) Silver, Phillips, Bind P-tite M4x10: one piece Figure 3-17. Removing the Cutter 4. Set the positioning holes of the new cutter to the bosses of the main body. Figure 3-18. Installing a new cutter 5. Secure the cutter with the screw. See Figure 3-17. 6. Close the Cutter Cover. See Figure 3-17. 7. Set the Front Cover, and secure it with the four screws. See Figure 3-17. When removing the cutter, be careful not to drop it. Cutter Cover Cutter A When securing the cutter in the next step, be sure to secure it firmly. Otherwise, the cutting position may be misaligned or skewed. Cutter Bosses Positioning holes
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Epson SC-P5000 Series Service Repair Manual Page 151-200
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4900 Service Repair Manual Page 151-200
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4910 Service Repair Manual Page 151-200

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