Epson P5000,4900,4910 service manual Page 101-150

SC-P5000 Series/Epson Stylus Pro 4900/4910 Revision G TROUBLE SHOOTING Remedies for Print Quality Troubles 104 SE Group Confidential (Related Staff Only) The backside of paper is contaminated by ink smear. The platen is contaminated. Check if the ink is attached on the platen. Check if the setting of the “Paper Size Check” is “On”. Clean the platen if it is contaminated. (See P.460) Set the “Paper Size Check” to On from the control panel. The waste ink pads for borderless printing are not securely attached and contaminating paper. Check if the waste ink pads for borderless printing is attached correctly. Securely attach the ink pads. Replace the ink pads if badly dirty. Suction Fan is making the ink mists drift to the back of the printing paper. Check if the suction level of the fan is proper. Lower the “Paper Suction” from the control panel. If it does not help, carry out Suction Check & Adjustment (See P.423) . Uneven color is shown within the parts/ across the pages of the printed paper. Ink quality is declining. Check if the ink is within its expiration date. Is it within the date on the box? Is it within six months from the opening of the package? Check if the ink cartridge has shaken enough before it is installed. If the color is uneven within a paper’s left and right side, check the PG adjustment value (See P.361) . Check if it is within the specified range. Check the “Color Correction” status from the basic setting screen of the printer driver. Check if the Color Correction setting reflects the expectation. Check if the color management setting matches the application software and the OS used. Replace the expired ink. The ink in the ink cartridge is not agitated enough. Take out the ink cartridge. Shake it well horizontally in its long-side-direction. The PG height is not proper. Carry out PG Height Check to set it within the specified range (See P.361) . The printed color differs from the user expectation. The “Color Correction” setting is not proper. Adjust to reflect the user expectation. The color management setting is not proper. Refer to “Color Management Printing” in the User’s Guide, and make proper settings. If the Colorimetric Calibration Adjustment has not been carried out, check that the Head ID is correctly input (See P.372) , and carry out the adjustment (See P.382) . The color is uneven between several printers. Colorimetric Calibration Adjustment has not been carried out. If the Printhead, Main Board, Power Supply Board of the printer with trouble has been replaced before, check if the Colorimetric Calibration Adjustment has been carried out. Blurred print Too much ink discharge. Check if the Head ID is input correctly. Check if “Colorimetric Calibration Adjustment” is carried out after replacing the Printhead, Main Board and Power Supply Board. Check the Head ID and input the correct one if necessary. (See P.372) Carry out “Colorimetric Calibration Adjustment”. (See P.382) Does the same thing goes with the printing through the printer driver? Yes: Media is most likely the cause. No: RIP setting is the cause. The ink dot sizes are not proper. If using RIP, check if the same symptom occurs when printing through the printer driver. Table 2-4. Print Quality Troubles Symptom Cause Check Item Remedy
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Epson SC-P5000 Series Service Repair Manual Page 101-150
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4900 Service Repair Manual Page 101-150
Epson Stylus Photo Pro4910 Service Repair Manual Page 101-150

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